A blueprint of a rainbow

Sometimes a rainbow, when viewed from above, can be seen as a complete circle, known as a Glory.



I think I someone told me about glories when I was a child. They seemed mytical until I experienced one from a plane on the way home from a trip to China.

I created this design for my sister-in-law Michaela and her husband Jimmy when they got married ten years ago... I have been told that guests to their home keep asking where they can get a copy.

Until now, it's never been available to purchase but given the popular interest in rainbows since the pandemic I've decided to release it as a fine art print, exclusively available on this website.



Printed as a fine art poster measuring 28" x 40" using a leading-on demand print service, which means that wherever you are in the world, if you order the design, it will be printed locally before being carefully packaged and delivered to you.