Handmade with love

Handmade with love

Within 30 days of launching on Kickstarter we had our first 440 customers and we immediately set about the production of our first production batch - glass, coils and magnets from China, metal work from a local machine shop, electronics, bases and spirals made in Bristol, coil holders 3D printed in Reading, boxes made in Telford, assembly between Ben's workshop in Shropshire and mine in Malmesbury.



It was an extraordinary feat of effort that we managed to produce all the units and overcome a million obstacles  - each one individually precision tuned like an engine - and we shipped them worldwide in December 2018.


While I had the herculean task of assembling all of the wings, from over 22,000 individually cut and finished pieces of walnut, I am thankful for the few friends and family who came to my side and supported us in such a monumental task.


We learned so many lessons and moreso, there was a lot of love out there for Uplift!



But to be honest with you, the experience nearly broke me (and Ben). But we carried on.



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