"I could watch the damn thing all day long"

"I could watch the damn thing all day long"

While I was refining the aesthetic appeal and motion of the design, I used to take my development model, or master prototype, to visit my Gran in her nursing home where she was suffering from dementia.


Gran's feedback was essential in helping me fine tuning the speed of the rotation so that it was both calming and subtley invigorating - as if it had a gentle but unyielding life force of its own.



The television seemed to cause her stress and due to the frequent feeling of loneliness, she could get easily bored and despite being in good care she was often in isolation. It was clear that Uplift had a calming and uplifting effect on her - I promised to make her one and was waiting for more glass to arrive. Sadly she passed away before I had the chance to give it to her and in a way I have continued the project in the memory of her.



Once I had finished with the master prototype I passed it on to my friend Chris who was suffering with a critical illness and it stayed on his bedside until he sadly passed away in 2019. The prototype (pictured above with Gran) remains with Chris's wife at his home in Malmesbury where it's still turning.



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