Join Suzi and our ambassadors

Join Suzi and our ambassadors

We're just about to begin final assembly and shipping of our first wave of new Uplift 2.0's and we're so excited for you to receive them towards the end of August.

When you do, we'd love to invite you to share a video of it's final destination and join our amabassadors in spreading the love.

The world's never been so fraught with stress and we really think it helps when we show each other that we're ok, we're relaxed and we feel good. We want this page to be a collection of uplifting inspiration.



Once we've got up to speed with production and despatch we're planning a friday freebie giveaway and will be looking to our ambassadors to share with us who they'd most like to uplift! It could be a friend or family or just someone who you think needs a little boost.

Our first ambassador is the very lovely Suzi Perry who has been sharing heart warming and very uplifting videos all through lockdown from her home in Southern France.



Suzi has been a long time supporter of my work so I felt that she should be honoured in receiving one of the first. Needless to say, she absolutely loves it.

We'll be featuring your videos here so please get in touch once your Uplift has safely arrived and we'll begin rolling out the gallery.

All the best



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