Uplifting spirits

Uplifting spirits

I'm sure you already know the Reverend Richard Coles.

If you don't, he is the most wonderful man and is something of a national treasure here in the UK.

In the dead of lockdown I noticed he was having a challengeing time so after a little digging I arranged to have an original Uplift delivered to him. Being a man of the cloth I thought he'd appreciate receiving this gift on Easter Sunday, so I packed it up on Good Friday and sent the special package on its way.



I didn't really expect to hear back in the form of public declaration but was thrilled when he tweeted this a month later.

Richard also made the comment - "Tom, I love it. It’s totally beguiling!"

Thanks Richard! We love it too.



I'm sure you also all know Derren Brown, the highly perceptive, wonderful and thoroughly entertaining, self-described mentalist.

Well, guess how he's staying relaxed through lockdown?

I'm sure he has numerous methods but we were thrilled to discover today that one of those ways is with his Uplift.

Bless you for sharing this message with your followers Derren on instagram.

"I have this lovely kinetic sculpture by @tomlawton called Uplift. It's all solar and sort of uplifts all day. Not so much at night. Just in case you need a little Uplift."

We love you Derren are only to pleased to be of service.


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