Made with waste fishing nets

Made with waste fishing nets

We asked you what you wanted to see for Uplift 2.0 and you told us that you wanted to see a blue, semi-translucent spiral reminiscent of ocean waves - so we headed to the coast in search of inspiration.

It was on the beach that we found what we were looking for - the solution was staring us in the face - marine plastic!



Inspired by the colour, translucency and potential transformation of this wasteful and hazardous material we began to research how we might be able to utilise it for our spirals. It seemed a pipe dream that this would be possible as we couldn't find any other industrially processed, purified use of waste fishing nets anywhere in the world - but we were excited by the challenge.



We put out a call to industry and after conducting a feasibility study on the material with our UK injection moulding partner in Shropshire, we established a partnership with award-winning waste material processing start-up, 'Fishy Filaments' of Newlyn, Cornwall.




Fishy Filaments are based within metres of the MSC approved Hake Fisheries in Cornwall with whom them have a strategic relationship to process and purify waste fishing nets which are at end of life and would otherwise go to landfill.



Fishy Filaments then supply the material to us as pure Nylon 6 in a pellet form for injection moulding. We've added a little virgin Nylon 6 to tweak the colour but the result is a material that's 100% recycleable and is made from 98% waste fishing nets.


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