Our first 1,000 limited edition pieces

Our first 1,000 limited edition pieces

In order to ramp up to an industrial scale we face some extraordinary costs, not to mention challanges, and so we've decided to take the smallest step we can and just produce an initial run of 1,000 limited edition pieces which will be available in June 2020.



We launched these on Kickstarter in December 2019 and raised 300% over our target which is a lovely verification of both the new design and a growing demand for physical relaxation aids.



Together with the support of one of our original Uplift customers Nick who wanted to get involved and help us grow the business we founded Uplifting Products Ltd and our mission is to lift the spirits of a stressed out world.



Here I am chatting about Uplift 2.0.



Once again, it was wonderful to be featured by Calm.com who not only wrote another blog post about Uplift 2.0 but devoted all their social media channels to promoting our launch. Talking about uplifting support. Wow! Thanks!



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