Our commitment to quality

Our commitment to quality


Uplift started life as a limited edition object d'art and has since evolved into a classic design piece, which hopes to one day become an heir loom in your future space, spreading it's uplifting presence for as long as the sun shines.



We hope it's something that you can be proud to show to your grandkids, even if you're currently in your twenties.


In 2016, it's creator, Tom Lawton wanted to make the most beautiful thing he could imagine and as wisdom teaches us, beauty is much more than skin deep.


To make this true Tom and his team have taken every possible step to ensure that the product is made and assembled in the most environmentally responsible way possible. We are still making them in small batches, which means that Tom completes final assembly and testing of every unit himself, though as the business gains traction we hope to expand our team through 2021.



The spiral is made from waste fishing nets and requires enormous effort & dedication to produce. The nets are sourced from the Hake Fisheries in Newlyn, Cornwall before they go to landfill.


We don't just use any nets - in order to achieve the beautiful aquamarine translucency of the spiral, the nets have to be especially selected and sorted into colour matched batches before they are industrially purified to remove any contaminants. After a life at sea, this isn't a quick process and results in a material that costs over 20 x the price of a comparative virgin nylon. But, for each kg of waste nets that we use, we save 9.9kg of Co2-eq emissions - so we think it's worthwhile to make the effort and as you can see - the result is exquisite - we've never seen such a refined use of a waste material and are proud to be a leading light in regenerative design.



Of course, the product isn't perfect and everything has a footprint of some sort. We're working to establish a more responsible means of producing our small electronics system and sourcing the magnets. But the design of each of these components has been considered so that their life span is maximised to increase Uplift's working life. The material for each component has been selected to have the best fitness for purpose and that pupose is to perform, as intended, for as long as possible.


The design is also modular, which means that if anything ever goes wrong or gets damaged, we will be able to replace it. This is our commitment to you but also yours to Uplift as we do not warrant components beyond their original workmanship and quality but instead provide you with a way of maintaining your Uplift forever.



The packaging also reflects this commitment to quality. It's so important to us that your experience is uplifting from the moment you place an order to the many moments you will enjoy this product. The day that it arrives is special and we've constructed a packaging experience to celebrate this. The card is recycled and there's no packaging excess but it's one heck of an un-boxing experience that has been proven to arrive with you in perfect condition.


Just look at the experience enjoyed by You Tube sensation Chris Ramsay, who was not approached by us for this excellent review, but for who owning an uplift has lifted the stage presence of even his high quality content.



If you're frustrated that Uplift isn't priced for you then maybe it's time to question what you expect - we've simply done our best and are only interested in the pursuit of excellence. We'd love for the price to be more accessible but not at the sacrifice of quality. That will come as our volumes increase, so if it's not for you now then please stay in touch and someday soon we might have a version that is.


We're a small company building our foundations through a global pandemic. We're not interested in making things cheaply and we don't have the buying power of a big business. But we are honest and we are here at your service. Thus, Uplift is priced intelligently.



Tom is a an award winning designer with a specialism in long lasting design, sustainable design practice and technology for good. He was winner of the Green Dot Awards (Los Angeles) and the Sustainable Design Awards (London Design Week) and continues to explore boundaries of regenerative and responsible design practice, not because it's the right thing to do but because this is the way.

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