Be Uplifted!

Designed to lift the spirits of a stressed out world.

It's good to take a rest, but modern life can catch us in a spin - it can be difficult to slow down.

There are plenty of apps to help but phones aren't relaxing - and it's not always possible to get outside.

Artist and inventor Tom Lawton was inspired to create Uplift to enchant people into taking a few minutes for themselves, to relax or to meditate and still the wheels of their mind.

All you need is a sunny windowsill and you can transform any space in to your own harbour of serenity.

Uplift was conceived in response to the downcast feelings stirred by global news and especially the environmental crisis facing the planet.

Watching the mesmerising motion of the spiral can have a calming affect on your stress levels as the sculpture swirls and your thoughts drift away.

Working in partnership with friend and co-inventor Ben Jandrell the pair wanted to manufacture their sustainable innovation by hand, here in England.

Taking great care to ensure the smallest environmental footprint possible and to proudly offer Uplift as a long lasting ornament, bringing years of enjoyment to customers worldwide.

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"Beautiful in everyway. Mesmerising to watch and handmade with love. What an inspiring and sustainable way to bring a little calm in to your space. This is such an uplifting creation." - Suzi Perry, TV Personality and Gadget Connoisseur

Individually assembled by hand

It's so satisfying

The elegant solar powered mechanics of Uplift are key, as the sculpture has it's very own life force or chi, that appears with the sun rise of each new day - and goes to sleep after sunset.

Refinement of the design took dozens of prototypes, over many years - the process was a labour of love as it carefully all came together into perfection.

Tom used to visit his Gran Kitty in her nursing home with an early prototype. It sat in her room and bought gentle relief while she was suffering from dementia, which further encouraged him to take the prototype into production and build the first 500 products.

Feedback on the design allowed Tom to tune the speed and precise characteristic of the spiral to be as relaxing as possible. The aesthetic has been achieved by gently testing improvements until it felt most in harmony with and conducive to a relaxed state of mind.

The project launched on Kickstarter in 2018, reaching its target in under 48 hours and selling out completely in 30 days.

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"I love it. Such a beautiful thing." - Matt Haig

A regenerative new design

How could we make it even better?

So many lessons were learned through building the first limited edition batch in-house and with a more intimate understanding of how the product was used it was possible to re-design Uplift completely and introduce several key improvements.

The product naturally evolved from being an object d'art in to a robust and classic design piece, with a modular, long lasting design.

As interest continued to grow we realised the project had the potential to scale into a business, but first we wanted to further improve its environmental impact.

We looked to waste materials in constructing the spiral for Uplift 2.0, experimenting with post consumer plastics, paper engineering and even waste ground coffee.

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"Uplift 2.0 is a stunning creation for any windowsill, by artist and inventor Tom Lawton" - Raymond Hall of @physicsfun on Instagram

Be like water

Stay calm. Be the waves. Enjoy your flow.

Before settling on a direction we asked our audience what they wanted to 'see' next and the response was unanimous.

Something reminiscent of ocean waves.

So we went to the coast in search of inspiration.

When we got to the beach the solution was staring at us, but it was dressed as a problem.

Waste marine plastic quickly became the obvious material to use and together with a consortium of innovators we forged a partnership to turn the waste fishing nets, sourced from the Hake Fisheries in Cornwall, into exquisite semi-translucent azure coloured spirals, which we manufacture in rural Shropshire and assemble by hand at our rural workshop in the Cotswold town of Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

We founded Uplifting Products in the summer of 2019 with strategic support and investment from one of our first customers Nick, to make this vision a reality and launched Uplift 2.0 via another successful Kickstarter campaign in the December.

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"You are quite simply blowing us away with what you're doing with our 100% recycled nylon from Cornish fishing nets" - Fishy Filaments

Be Uplifted Bursary

We believe in the benefits of blue health for everyone

When lockdown happened in early 2020 we really felt the extra pressure on everyone's mental health and as we found ourselves retreating we saw a May Day distress call from a charity based in Cornwall - so we reached out to help.

The Sea Sanctuary is a unique mental health and wellbeing charity rooted in the concept of ‘blue health’. Its programmes rely on the environment and use techniques thought to be the first of their kind in the world.

They use a combination of sail training, marine activities and evidence-based therapies to help children and adults who are struggling with issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, and a whole range of mental and emotional health problems.

We have proudly partnered with them so that a percentage of every Uplift 2.0 sale on this website will go towards funding those who need financial help accessing the charity's services.

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“The Sea Sanctuary provide invaluable support to vulnerable people via their unique concept of ‘blue health’. What they do is truly remarkable and we’re very proud to be supporting them.” - Tom Lawton

Let it go. Let it flow

Our mission is to bring Uplifting Products to the world.

We believe that it's important to do more of what makes you feel good and the little things really count.

We make and sell Uplift because it makes us feel great and we want to share that feeling with the whole world.

Your space is where you hold your serenity and we've made Uplift a wonderful experience to bring into any indoor environment.

We hope it inspires you to chill out while you dream with us of a more sustainable and beautiful future.

We have very exciting things to come so please do stay in touch.

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"Geometry will draw the soul towards truth and create the spirit of philosophy" - Plato