"I want to make the most beautiful thing that I can imagine?"

Inventor Tom Lawton started with Uplift, a spiraling solar sculpture designed to lift your spirits.

Uplift’s relaxing presence has a become a beacon for mindful, regenerative design with thousands of hand-built sculptures now sitting on windowsills across the globe - from country cottages, high rise penthouses, yoga studios, well-being sanctuaries to care homes, recording studios and even on a couple of work benches at NASA – Uplift is loved by so many people and is how our story began.

‘Wow! This is so beautiful and brilliant. I absolutely love it… I’m absolutely wild about this. It ticks every box: it’s clever, beautiful, meditative, and thought-provoking’

Brian Eno

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"I wonder, what next?"

An evocative, ethereal and otherworldly form whose mind-bending power invites you into a future unknown, by bridging heart and mind and inspiring you to dream with your eyes open.

What started as a daydream has become Tom’s most wondrous creation yet. Inspired by the patterns of toroidal flow Tom felt encircling himself, the natural world and all through the cosmos – Wonder is an expression of the universal force that interconnects all things.

From chaos to clarity

Wonder was conceived in the years leading up to the Covid pandemic and was brought to life during the long periods of quiet reflection that only the lockdowns could provide.

Wonder’s ethereal movement brings observers into a state of deep relaxation and peace.

The first Wonder was invited to be installed in Malmesbury’s medieval abbey in Tom’s hometown in Wiltshire and after a six-month installation in Saint Aldhelm’s chapel Wonder was made even bigger and cast in bronze – funded by a crowdfunding campaign which was supported by the town – Wonder now sits permanently in Malmesbury Abbey, freely available for the public to view every day of the year, for all time.

Desktop dreaming

Since it’s public unveiling Tom has been inundated by requests for a home studio version and after a lot of investigation as to how this could be best achieved we are proud to now be offering Wonder for everyone.

Made in limited edition batches across the UK, Wonder is available for desktop dreamers like Tom who want to bring a wonder-full feeling into their home, creative, meditation or
movement space.