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Julia Bradbury

“Every single day I have to have that moment to myself.”

Best known for her work with BBC’s countryfile, Julia has been an Uplift owner since 2018.

Dr Rachel Gillibrand

“These beautiful sculptures are stunning for being able to just press pause”

Dr Gillibrand conducted research on the effect of the Uplift on the brain.

Uplift 2

  • Limited edition of just 1000 units
  • Made using 250g of waste fishing nets from the Cornish coast
  • Enjoyed by hundreds including Jamie Oliver, Rev. Richard Coles & Julia Bradbury
£185 with Free UK delivery

Built to order and delivered within 10 working days

30 day home trial guarantee if you don’t love your Uplift 2, return for a full refund

Uplift 2 in their owner’s homes

Unboxing and setting up your Uplift 2

  • Uplift 2 spiral – in exclusive Aquamarine – made from reclaimed Cornish fishing nets
  • Borosilicate glass dome
  • Solid waxed walnut base with anti-scratch cork bottom
  • Waxed walnut magnetic wand to control the direction of your uplift
  • Bonus: A tiny sample of the fishing nets that your Uplift 2 spiral was made from

How does it work?

  • The solar engine generates just the right amount of electricity from the sun.
  • A tiny microchip regulates that power to turn the Uplift 2 at a constant and soothing 40rpm
  • The spiral rests on precision made brass bearings and powerful neodymium magnets keep it perfectly balanced
  • Absolutely maintenance free – no oil, no batteries and no stress – just relax and enjoy

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