Uplift 2 Ocean

Uplift 2.0 creates a mesmerising, never-ending spiral that inspires you to unwind, as it gracefully turns the sun's power into a hypnotic flowing motion.

The limited edition spiral is made from an industrially purified stream of waste fishing nets, sourced from the Hake Fisheries in Cornwall, England.

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Soothing spiral sculpture

Ease your mind and keep oceans healthy with this solar-powered kinetic sculpture


  • Handmade by inventor Tom Lawton

*  If it's for a gift or special occasion let us know and we'll do our best to meet the date - please email after order confirmation


  • High quality design made from premium materials
  • Just add sunshine - no mains power, no smart technology, no connectivity, no stress


  • Aquamarine spiral is re-manufactured and hand assembled from waste fishing nets sourced from the Hake Fisheries in Cornwall, England
  • Black walnut base with cork edge, brass features encased within a boroscilicate
    glass dome with magnetic wand included
  • Modular design made to last a lifetime


Works best on a sunny window sill. Must stand on a flat surface. Spiral motion may need initiation with wand to start.

Every product sale of the limited edition Uplift 2.0 generates a small donation towards our ‘be uplifted bursary’ providing essential mental health services through our partnership with UK charity, the sea sanctuary.


NOTE- All of our products are shipped from the UK and will be sent "DAP" - Delivered at Place. We will arrange for our courier to deliver to your specific address, but you the Buyer are responsible for all costs related to local customs and clearance.  


Magnetic wand

You can of course choose which way it turns by interacting with the spiral using the magnetic wand provided.

Lifelong peace

Designed to last a lifetime and made from responsibly sourced materials, including waste fishing nets which we use to re-manufacture the spiral. Each unit is hand-assembled in the UK. The modular design means that any parts that wear out of become damaged can be easily replaced.

Always relaxing

Uplift 2.0 loves a sunny window sill but still works well under an overcast sky. It responds subtly to variations in the sun's power and its speed is tethered at a relaxing 40 revolutions per minute.

Each Uplift 2.0 is:

  • Made with love to last a lifetime, so please handle with care
  • Available to pre-order now with worldwide delivery June 2020
  • Limited in edition to a batch of 1,000 units all designed, manufactured and assembled by hand in England
  • Spirals are manufactured with 100% purified waste fishing nets sourced from the Hake Fisheries in Cornwall. Processed on the harbour side. Remanufactured in Shropshire. Assembled by hand in little old Malmesbury!
  • Beautifully and securely packaged to ship safely worldwide