Uplift 2.0 Pre-Order
Uplift 2.0 Pre-Order
Uplift 2.0 Pre-Order

Uplift 2.0 Pre-Order

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  • Spiralling kinetic sculpture powered by the sun
  • Pre-Order now for delivery July 2020
  • Limited edition aquamarine spiral beautifully re-manufactured from waste fishing nets
  • Designed to last a life time and constructed from recyclable materials
  • Includes: Artisan crafted spiral and precision engineered mechanism, borosilicate glass dome, walnut base & solar engine (with felt bottom) and magnetic wand
  • Works best on a sunny window sill
  • Must stand on a flat surface
  • Spiral motion may need initiation with wand to start
  • Assembled by hand in Malmesbury, England
  • Waste fishing nets sourced from MSC approved Cornish Hake Fisheries
  • Height 300mm x Diameter 90mm

Made with love. Handle with care.