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Pre-order Wonder for delivery in December 2022.


'A meditative moving sculpture that shows how everything is interconnected'


Now available in Polished Copper
to PRE-ORDER at £950 each.
Until 31st May 2022


Tom & his team will be building Wonders in batches and shipping the first wave in December for worldwide delivery this Christmas. Limited to 500 units this year.


The listed price in 2023 will be £1,950 & exclusive to selected galleries.


This is a pre-launch reservation opportunity for friends & fans of the project.

By pre-ordering now you are guaranteed to receive your Wonder ahead of the rest.

Wonder will launch to a wider audience in May via a Kickstarter campaign.


Orders are prioritised on a first come, first served basis.

For more information please visit www.tomlawton.com/wonder

Each sculpture includes:
  • Precision crafted spiral with a polished copper finish & protective lacquer

  • Silent turntable & base cast from aluminum with a matt black finish
  • Single touch, low power operation via mini USB
  • Ultra thin Micro USB to USB cable 2.5m long in black (only UK orders ship with a mains plug)
  • Revolves at a fixed speed of 16 RPM with silent operation
  • Beautifully presented and protectively packaged for worldwide shipping

  • Built to last a long time with a replaceable motor

  • Dimensions  20cm (width) x 20cm (depth) x 30cm (height)

  • Made in England by Uplifting Products Ltd

  • Suitable for all international markets


We recommend that before you make a pre-order you download the WonderAR App (on iPhone and Android) and visualise Wonder in your space to be 100% sure that it's exactly as you imagine it to be.


Each unit is hand made to order so it's important that you & Wonder are attuned before you set your heart on owning one.


Wasted journeys are bad for the planet so we're hoping that the App helps give you the confidence Wonder is definitely for you.


Once placed, pre-orders may not be cancelled after 30 days.


NOTE- All of our products are shipped from the UK and will be sent "DAP" - Delivered at Place. We will arrange for our courier to deliver to your specific address, but you the Buyer are responsible for all costs related to local customs and clearance.