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Uplift 2.0

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A spiralling sculpture to soothe the soul

Discover UpLift 2.0

"Uplift is so hypnotic. I could watch it forever." - Jamie Oliver

Made from waste fishing nets

Sourced from the Cornish hake fisheries before they reach landfill

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"Uplift 2.0 captures the essence of the regenerative future; she runs on sunlight, turns waste material into timeless art, and calms the spirit as she spins. Just beautiful!" - Kate Raworth

Good for you and for the planet

Take time to unwind the windmills of your mind

Discover uplift 2.0

"It's mesmerising, inspiring, uplifting and beautifully designed." - Michael Acton Smith, Co-Founder & CEO of Calm

Made with love, handle with care

So simple to set up - all you need is a sunny windowsill

Discover Uplift 2.0

“I love this. A happy dreamy solar sculpture.” - Derren Brown, Mentalist

This is bewitching the Vicarage

Learn who else is staying in good spirits with uplift's mesmerising powers

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"I love it. It's totally beguilling." - The Reverend Richard Coles

Bring the ocean inside

We believe in the benefits of 'Blue Health' for all so created the 'Be Uplifted Bursary'

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"Uplift 2.0 will help us slide, effortlessly, into a place of relaxation and remind us to be in the 'here and now. As someone who has a long-standing and deep passion for the sea, if I could open my house up and invite it in, I surely would." - Joe Sabien

A virtuous circle

Turning one man’s waste into another man’s treasure on the Cornish coast

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“Recycled waste nylon is 46 times better for the planet than using virgin nylon. In terms of environmental impact, 1kg of Fishy Filaments micro pellet costs 0.201kg of CO2-eq vs 9.28kg CO2-eq for a global reference Nylon 6.” - Ian Falconer, Fishy Filaments