Tips & Troubleshooting

Tips & Troubleshooting

We want you to get the most out of your Uplift so Tom has put together the following two short videos with tips to help you optimise it's performance.


1. Setting up your Uplift straight out of the box

  • Choose a sunny location
  • Position it on a flat surface
  • Orientatate the solar panel towards the sky
  • Check the bearing isn't missing
  • Put the spiral in to position
  • Slowly lower the dome
  • Use the magnetic wand if it needs a helping hand


2. Fine-tuning your Uplift for best performance in the lowest light

  • Adjust the top tip to fine tune the performance
  • You are looking to have the tip as close to the top magnet as possible without the whole spiral jumping up
  • If you get it right you'll be able to enjoy Uplift spiralling in even an overcast sky


NOTE: The videos above were filming in Southern England in mid October - performance will diminish a little as we get closer to winter and it will improve again in the spring. We cannot guarantee what results you will have in your country and these tips serve to allow you to get the most out of yours - performance will varying due to many envirnmental conditions.

OFFICE WORKERS AWARE! Many companies have UV filters on the windows (you might not even notice them) and this will stop a lot of the sun's energy reaching your Uplift. Be sure this isn't what's affecting yours!

FURTHER HELP! If you're experiencing a problem that's not addressed here then please reach out to us via the Customer Support pop-up (bottom right) and we'll get back to you just as soon as we can!



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