How to make it even better?

How to make it even better?

With a steady demand for more units it became quickly apparent that for us to design, manufacture, promote and deliver to our customer base we'd some need help.


We needed to iron out some mechanical issues that allowed the design to be mass produced, improve the reliability of the system and reduce the possibility of the glass breaking - so we completely redesigned it from scratch which took the product from being an object d'art to being a classic design piece.


In doing this we looked at alternative materials to manufacture the spiral from and began experimenting with paper and 100% post-consumer waste plastic like the orange example featured, which is 3D printed.




The first version I made with recycled plastic bottles was spotted on instagram by Jamie Oliver who was going through a tough time with his restaurant business so I sent it to him. It now sits proudly on his son Buddy's windowsill. This prototype features the original Uplift mechanism.



Here's my video to Jamie and Buddy showing them how to set it up.


As this one had proved popular I gifted another one to author Matt Haig for his birthday. He was also smitten with the brightly coloured design, which now sits in his kitchen.



While we loved the fun colour of 3D printing like this it's still a very time consuming business and compared to to the original Uplift, the cosmetic finish felt a little less refined. So we continued our pursuit of the right material and colour.



It was then that I asked you, our audience what you most wanted to see and I posted this picture on my social media. The result was unanimous, you wanted something blue, semi-translucent and reminiscent of ocean waves.

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