The Wonder of Jo

The Wonder of Jo

Wonder somehow has a way of drawing magical people to it. I can't descibe it but I've said before, it's like a bat symbol bringing the most facinating folk into my life.



Jo Tilsley reached out to me last spring like an old friend talking in a language that felt Wonder completely and then she wrote this poem, which immediately reads like a sacred script.

I never wanted to find these words myself so it's profound that someone else came to me with them - I trusted that would be the way.



We enjoyed chatting at length before she then set on a course to imagine some special and key visual elements for Wonder's packaging. The cosmic alignment symbol below which illustrates the notion, as above, so below - because Wonder is the same shape from above and below and Jo's art traces Wonder's form with a timeless and handcrafted aesthetic.



Then, the comet, coming to earth, just in time, which I wanted on the side of every box as Wonder lands in homes all around the globe.



We are thrilled to have worked with her on these special additions. 


'My graphics on a gold-foiled print for WONDER. The stars dancing about WONDER form the constellation Sagittarius. The reason I chose Sagittarius is this: In the poem I wrote, I had included the concept of the alchemical transmutation of base metals such as Lead and Mercury into Gold. Mercury seemed the best fit for WONDER, because of the way it flows. Mercury is also a Planet - but there are no celestial bodies named for Lead. Whilst planets aren't themseves part of constellations, they do pass through the different zodiacal constellations during the year; and on the 29th Jan 2022, the date of the 'Renaissance of Wonder' at Malmesbury Abbey, which could be seen as its birthday, Mercury was in Sagittarius. Happily, this constellation proved to be a perfect fit for the graphic.'



 You can discover more about Jo and her work here at Quantum Press.

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