The first sample goes to a good home

The first sample goes to a good home

Hello friends

We've got exciting news!

The first ten samples have been manufactured and assembled - and have been sent out to a small test group, including one of you - and the feedback is A-OK.

We are so thrilled with the result we can't wait to ship out your pre-order.

Here's a preview of what you'll get in the box.



Final assembly is scheduled to take place in the first two weeks of August and we will be shipping worldwide towards the middle-end of that month.

Thanks so much for your patience to date - there has been a number of obvious and understandable delays - given the stress most of us have experienced over the past few months we can't wait to give you an Uplift!


Here's an uplifting tale!


One of our early backers Georgia wrote to me a couple of months ago, patiently expressing her desire to receive her order ASAP, which I was unable to fulfill until ten days ago. We weren't planning or able to jump anyone up the queue but the team agreed this felt like a good home for the first ever Uplift 2.0 - and we like feedback from you the most!

Georgia wanted me to share her story to express her thanks.

Her wonderful Dad was in hospital for many weeks, he caught Covid and was in ICU on a ventillator for 35 days and very nearly lost his fight. The family witnessed a true miracle and his return home came close to his birthday. They wanted to create the most uplifting space on his return and knew Uplift would make a perfect welcome home, happy birthday and father's day gift.

I delivered the product to the family in person to make sure it was safely received.



"Oh wow, that's just fabulous! - Dad was totally blown away with his Uplift. He loves how unique it is, it's got pride of place on the drinks cabinet in the full length glass window of the dining room. It's just the most perfect gift for him. Here's me and the main man yesterday, such a wonderful day as we had originally planned his memorial service to be on his birthday, so having him home was surreal and special. Infact, you can just make out Uplift in the background.

Thank you so much, I am so very grateful. It was absolutely amazing to have it for him. You are wonderful x" - Georgia



It's so lovely to have feedback like this and Georgia kindly sent me this video of Uplift doing it's thing with her Dad at home every day.

While we'd love to be able to meet every request for an early product like this - it's simply not possible as this was a sample from our first batch of ten. But the remaining 990 units will be ready soon - shipping in a month and I thought you'd like to see where the first test unit went.

Up, up and away!


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