When will I receive my Wonder?

When will I receive my Wonder?



To give you complete clarity of our pre-order process this is the estimated schedule for Wonder production and delivery in 2023.

As of today's date we are at 420 pre-orders and a pre-order made today will ship in late February 2024.

Yes, this whole process has been more difficult than we anticipated but after suffering some delays we are getting back on track. Please read our blog post on 'Provenance of Wonder' to understand the full picture and why quality takes time.

Due to staff resourcing issues completely out of our control and due to the complex process of metalising each spiral, since May 2023 we are now only able to complete 10 units per week, which is our maximum yield.

The original 100 are our priority and will ship as a complete batch. The first 165 units will have shipped before the end of July. The next 180 units will ship before the first week of December in time for Christmas 2023.

The final 155 units will ship before 8th April 2024.

There is no guarantee that will will produce a second batch of Wonders so this run is limited to 500 pieces.

Orders are fulfilled on a first come first served basis and there is no way to jump the queue.

We give customers a 30 day window on pre-order to cancel their order and we do understand that sometimes circumstances change - so please just get in touch if you run into financial difficulties.

All enquiries about your order are best sent to verity@beuplifted.co.uk - please try and avoid reaching out to me on DM's via social media as I just can't keep on top of all communications.

You can keep up to date with the project on my instagram where I post occasional behind the scenes updates.

Our fulfillment partners are CSM Logistics who will provide you with all tracking info once your order is ready to ship.

All the best,



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