Wonders in the wild

Wonders in the wild


The best things are worth waiting for!

If you pre-ordered a Wonder then you a part of a very special group of people who have put their belief in the creation of something completely unique - and in doing so have demonstrated extraordinary patience in a creative process that has shown a relentless pursuit of quality against the back drop of extraordinary challenges for a micro business like us.

It's a pleasure to be finally shipping products and we are proud to share these videos from customers who have received their Wonders.




Kelly is a Qigong teacher who runs a spiritual store in Pittsburgh. Wonder is now a centerpiece in her space. 



Raj is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and has generously made this 1 hour video of Wonder for meditation.



Please tag @tomlawton and @bepliftednow on instagram if you share your Wonder.

We simply love to see where they go.

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