Expectation Vs Wonder

Expectation Vs Wonder

Hello everyone!

At long last, Wonders are now being delivered to homes all around the world.

I've been head down building in my workshop and have just come up for air.



The journey has been both challenging and rewarding with many valuable learning experiences gained along the way - as you would expect making something so innovative. It hasn't been easy and I am eternally grateful for everyone's patience.

The real innovation with Wonder is the spiral - I am so proud of the geometric accuracy we have been able to achieve, which is intrinsic to Wonder's illusionary effect.

We use a fusion of processes that bring advanced manufacturing and hand finished artistry to create a shape that's never been made before.



To achieve this I have been supported by a number of world class British suppliers who share my commitment to delivering, to the best of their ability, an exceptional art piece.

It's unique.

It's rare... and it's just got rarer.

When I set out on this course we comfortably forecasted that our production yield would be 100 pieces per month, giving us our annual volume of 1,000 pieces.

Because of the technical complexities involved in the metalisation process, one of my suppliers has had to review their capacity to deliver and we will now only be able to complete ten pieces per week, totalling 500 pieces per year.

Consequentially, I have been forced to revise my production schedule accordingly.

I know that this will be of great disappointment to many people but I can assure you that nothing about the product is compromised and everything else is lined up ready to go.

It is only the special finishing of the spirals that we are waiting for and we are beholden to one global supplier for this. I am sorry there is nothing I can do to speed this up.



I do want to point out some of the subtle variations between finished spirals due to our unique methods of production. Sometimes, the spirals may have small markings, or surface finish inconsistencies that make each piece completely original. These are not flaws, but the tell tale signature of a very rare thing.

Wonder is designed to be viewed in motion, from a few metres away, best sat somewhere comfortable, to enjoy its peaceful, otherworldly and relaxing effect.





    Here's a little video from a customer called Pablo who recently received his Wonder.

    For anyone who is new to my work, I'd love for you to watch the short documentary below about my last creation, Uplift.

    Thanks for your continued support and understanding.

    All the best,



    The Uplift Story from Tom Lawton on Vimeo.


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